Throwback to the ngPoland 2017

ngPoland 2017 - the first and biggest conference devoted to Angular in Central Europe
Łukasz Madej

Last fall Mateusz Zalewski and I have attended ngPoland 2017 - the first and biggest conference devoted to Angular in Central Europe. I thought I could take this opportunity to share some amazing stuff we have learned there - better late than never! 😉

The conference was a pretty intense experience with more than 10 talks (13 + Q&A sessions to be exact) put all into a one-day event. This can get a little challenging to stay focused through the entire day, but most of the speakers managed to keep the attendees awake.

The key takeaway for me would be for sure all the knowledge regarding Redux delivered to us by three very talented and well known speakers:

  • Todd Motto - Understand NGRX by building a Store
  • Tomasz Ducin - RxJS: Everything is a Stream
  • Gerard Sans - Understanding High Order Observables

Although the general concept of Redux was not new to us, the first two presentations allowed me to understand it even better and fill in some “blanks”. The last one, which was obviously the most entertaining (anyone who has attended a presentation by Gerard Sans will know what I mean), introduced some new and very interesting points.

Another great topic was High-Performance Applications with Angular by Nir Kaufman, which allowed us to look deep into the performance layer of Angular apps. Reducing the number of change detection events is not something everybody takes into consideration when creating new apps.

Also a fascinating talk was presented by Sebastian Witalec. The topic was Sharing Code between Web and Native Apps with Angular and NativeScript. So NativeScript is a JavaScript framework for building native iOS and Android apps, add to it Angular, top it up with Electron and a whole new world of possibilities opens up. This beautiful combo allows us to share the code between the Web and Mobile (both iOS and Android) apps, all built on the common ground of Angular. Suddenly, the division between the Web and Mobile developers disappears and everyone is simply a Developer like a one happy family 😃

Last but not least - Building Angular2 & Firebase application by Fáris Ismail. We got to see how fast & easy it is to build an Angular app to authorize users using Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and Github. Use AngularFire2 for real-time backend to store and sync data from Firebase database.

To top it all off, we’ve got a really great presentation by Bartłomiej Narożnik about all the news and goodies that come with Angular 5 (which was only released couple of weeks before this conference).

To sum up the conference, I would have to say it was a valuable experience. Some talks could be a little more in-depth or more technical, but the overall level of presentations was high. Some well known (in Angular world) names were a definite plus.
If given the opportunity, would attend again for sure!

Watch main highlights form the conference