JS Conf Budapest 2017

The conference that took place in Budapest was mostly about Javascript with a dash of CSS and most of the technical talks were Framework agnostic.
Sam Clulow

This year My Trang and I went to the beautiful city of Budapest to attend JS Conf Budapest 2017 the 26th and 27th of October. The conference was mostly about Javascript with a dash of CSS and most of the technical talks were Framework agnostic. The conference took place in the heart of Budapest’s party-district, in the Uránia Cinema, a century old structure mixing Venitian and Oriental architecture.
Both days at the conference were very balanced: technical talks followed by talks focused on soft skills and a good mix of speakers that covered a vast array of subjects.

Although every talk was inspiring and exciting, a few really stuck with me:

  • Dan Callahad’s talk about WebAssembly, the new low-level, high-performance complement to Javascript on the Web, explaining exactly what this new technology is, what it can be used for and more importantly how to use it today!

  • Laura Carvajal’s talk focused on the importance of accessibility, how they made the Financial Times Website more accessible, the human and business value of accessibility, and the steps we can all take to make our sites accessible. Here are the slides of the talk.

  • Stephan Judis, our neighbour at Contentful, gave a talk about solving old problems with bleeding edge browser features, and more specifically leveraging the Observer API. The slides for his talk can be found here.

  • Trent Willis gave the closing talk emphasising the importance of caring in out “Move Fast & Break Things” industry.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Budapest, and I came back motivated to dig into the subjects covered by all the inspiring speakers. I’m definitely going to invest some time into learning more about WebAssembly and Rust.

I would highly recommend going to JS Conf Budapest or JS Conf EU (here in Berlin) next year, the entire tone of the conference was very casual, friendly, inclusive and on a human scale. If you’re not convinced, check out the talks from the previous years on their Youtube channel!
Slides of some of the other talks can be found on their Twitter Page.