All new and fresh – Scrumtools

Scrumtools offers an easy web based access for every team member.
Fanny Pittack

We came across one problem while working with scrum in remote located teams. We observed that all team members could not be integrated into the scrum poker process. It is really important in our opinion that everyone in the team is aware how complex a task or a user story is.

06 Retro

09 scrumpoker

Scrumtools offers an easy web based access for every team member. We recommend to use Google Hangout or Skype to allow discussions in real-time in order hear the voices of your team members. The agreed estimation can be saved directly in the issue of your issue tracking tool of your choice. For the beta version we support Jira from Atlassian.

The same simple steps are valid for the retrospective as well. The scrum master opens a retrospective room. For our beta we offer good, bad and solution.
Please let us know what is important for you while doing a retrospective. The issues look like sticky notes and can be moved around. Every team member can view the changes. This is great for clustering topics. Later we will offer an export functionality.

To give you a more visual experience we prepared a video.

So what has actually changed since the last release? Find a list of functions below:

  • Easier Account Management
  • Create own Company
  • Add your JIRA for connecting with your issues
  • Bug fixes for moving sticky notes
  • Easier sharing with secret key
  • Create projects

And now we need your support!

Scrumtools software was developed to support teams who are working on the same project, but are located separately. We experienced that if you work from home or remote, that it is important to attend the scrum poker or retrospective session. This tool will not replace any haptic methods, though it will support you and allows you to connect them with real issues.
Please support us by filling out our survey. This should not take you more then 10 minutes. Thanks a million in advance.

We are looking forward to hear from you and are excited about your feedback.