New at kreuzwerker!

the kreuzwerkers and what it's like to start working for them

Since January 2022, I’ve been part of the delivery team in one of several kreuzwerker business lines. Who am I? My name is Anton Klein. I have worked as an electrical engineer for about 5 years, and then about 3 years as a consultant in the Atlassian environment. During this time I became a certified professional in Atlassian. I provided consulting, training or support to my customers.

But enough about me and more about the kreuzwerkers and what it’s like to start working for them. The kreuzwerkers, i.e., we, work with Managed Hosting, Improving the Cloud and Atlassian services. Read more about it here.

So how was the onboarding process? Very structured! Despite a considerable company size, starting to work for kreuzwerker has been very organized and very straightforward. One of my first tasks was to make a “to do tree”. The tree consisted of several lists, which are partially overlapped or linked. It was a great way to get to know the company as a whole, i.e., which software and hardware are used, and also a little about the company history.

I live about seven train hours away from Berlin, and fortunately, it’s no problem for kreuzwerker that I work from home. I travelled to Berlin in the second week of January for my onboarding. The trip was very easy because like everything else, it was very structured. kreuzwerker planned the trip from “door to door” and also reserved the motel. Many thanks are due to Ulrike and Lea.

Once in the office I was trained by my team manager. I enjoyed it; he was very helpful and answered all my questions. My IT colleagues were equally helpful and friendly. Not to forget Ulrike; the “good soul of the company”, as she was introduced to me, which I can only confirm.

The second week was all about getting to know the many processes, departments and colleagues “live”; and, for example, a digital tour through Marketing. Since I was already working in the Atlassian environment, I was able to directly support some colleagues, work on tasks and projects, and take on new customers.

All in all, Berlin was a very pleasant experience for me. It was the second time in my life in Berlin. What a city! Of course, this is not the end; there’s another to do tree now, which should give me something of a compass for the next 6 months.

In closing, maybe a few words about the culture. Since I haven’t been with the kreuzwerker very long, I can’t yet say much about it other than it is very structured. So far everything seems very comprehensible, logical and also therefore very simple. In addition, the kreuzwerkers are all really friendly and supportive.

I’m looking forward to working with them.