kreuzwerker is Appfire Red Hot Reseller of the year

Great news - Appfire names kreuzwerker Red Hot Reseller of the year!
René Müller

We are thrilled with this recognition but, quite frankly, partnering with Appfire and reselling their apps is a no-brainer for us. Take Advanced Tablefilter and Charts as an example:

From small teams that have just recently started exploring the advantages of Confluence to globally-operating companies with 20k+ users: many of our customers are looking for easy and convenient ways to display and structure their data within Confluence. This is where Advanced Tablefilter and Charts comes into play. They give customers across all departments powerful tools to visualize data with ready-to-use charts and filters.

The Jira & Confluence Command Line Interface apps are another example.

When introducing or improving Jira or Confluence with our customers, we are often asked “Hey, this is great - but we would like to automate our day-to-day work wherever possible.” With the CLI apps from Appfire, users have an easy way to automate a broad variety of use cases, both in Jira and Confluence. Moreover, they have the ability to easily exchange data with other applications through CSV.

These are just a few examples of how Appfire’s apps can help automate, visualize, or structure data in a neat way.

If you want to learn more about how to use Appfire’s products, reach out to us at

We look forward to another successful year of working with you all and sincerely thank you for the reward!

Your kreuzwerker Team