Forrester recognizes Atlassian for ESM

What the 2019 Forrester Enterprise Service Management Wave report means for the future of enterprise service delivery

Forrester defines Enterprise Service Management (ESM) as “extending IT service management capabilities beyond technology services to address business-centric use cases; managing service demand and supply through a common platform, portal, and service catalog; and speeding up innovation and workflow automation through PaaS/low-code development tooling.”

What’s so amazing about the rise of ESM is that we see other departments following the service management tactics that IT traditionally owned. IT teams are leading the charge on digital transformations, and many of Atlassian’s customers are using the same software and ITSM practices for HR, facilities, legal, and even marketing.

We’re delighted that Forrester recognized Atlassian as a strong performer and the highest ranked vendor in ESM strategy. The Forrester ESM Wave covered 23 criteria and evaluated 15 vendors. Download Report!

Atlassian’s approach to ESM

More and more teams are asking for and providing service. The kind of service varies, but the requests require attention, and often involve invisible, unrecognized work. Organizations have often patched together solutions using email alongside ERP systems, resulting in a disappointing experience, especially at the same time that apps and other technologies have raised our expectations of service. Employees want experiences that reduce confusion, address their needs quickly, and help them get work done.

Atlassian is building software that helps teams deliver outstanding employee experiences with a human approach. Employees should receive concierge-like service that fits seamlessly into their work patterns and Atlassian products are designed to help all teams collaborate more effectively. For example, imagine workflows and permissions features that enable anyone in an organization to see what work is being done and when it will be complete.

A service desk for every team

Jira Service Desk is Atlassian’s modern service desk software that helps all teams deliver outstanding service. Jira Service Desk can be configured in whatever way best helps your team to deliver business value. It integrates seamlessly with other Atlassian products, including Jira Software, Confluence, and Statuspage. Successful IT teams use Jira Service Desk across a variety of use cases, from HR to Legal to Facilities.

Forrester also recognized Jira Service Desk’s “leaner” and more agile approach, as well as the “broad and diverse” app options through Atlassian Marketplace which enable extension of Jira Service Desk for your particular use case.

Use cases

Enterprise Service Management (ESM) use cases are varied and creative. Over 100 teams at Twitter, including HR, procurement, and facilities deliver service with Jira Service Desk. AppDynamics, a provider of application performance monitoring, supported their growth, onboarding over 700 new employees in one year with Jira Service Desk.

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The facilities team at Sotheby’s, one of the world’s largest auction houses, uses Jira Service Desk to manage and transfer fine art throughout their New York and London locations.

For privately hosted Picasso viewings, staff members simply issue a Jira Service Desk ticket to indicate where and when the painting needs to be mounted. As a result, Sotheby’s gains complete oversight into the exhibition setup process and moves artwork more efficiently.

As Forrester notes, it’s early days for service management. Still, ESM offers lots of potential for your organization. For more information on ESM, including detail on the emerging field, the vendor landscape, and Atlassian’s “nontraditional but strong ESM strategy” check out the full report: Download Report!

Source: Atlassian