Atlassian Euro Summit in Barcelona

"... Simplicity on the far side of complexity" from Oliver Wendell Holmes
Saleh Parsa

kreuzwerker had the chance to attend the first Atlassian Euro Summit in Barcelona in early May.

It was a great experience to participate among 1800 other people from 600 companies. This blog is a highlight of the keynote and we recommend watching the full keynote Youtube.

The most exciting news? There are massive changes in the design! The best quote used for announcing this change was “… Simplicity on the far side of complexity” from Oliver Wendell Holmes, which explains Atlassian’s thinking behind the design changes for all applications. Simply Powerful! You can take a look at the screenshots from the slides:

JIRA New Design:

New JIRA Cloud UI

The new design will be helpful, especially for an adoption with non-technical teams. The new design is quite simple and focuses on the important information.

Confluence New Design:

New Confluence design

Confluence is not only a place for documentation, it’s the best place for collaboration, making any type of content more useful for every team. The new design in the Confluence editor is a massive change; it focuses on the most useful actions during the editing process. The idea behind this major change is to make sure we have an access to the most common options while enjoying a simpler editor.

Atlassian Home:

Atlassian Home

Maybe you can relate to a situation in which you had too many open tabs in your browser: one for JIRA, one for Confluence and so on.

Atlassian’s solution for this brings us a new and shiny Atlassian Home application. This is a centralized environment for managing the access to all of our applications. You will see the content that you are working on in Confluence as well as the issue that you need to pay attentions in JIRA. Soon, it will be integrated with other Atlassian applications. It’s not just a homepage, it’s a central place to search, giving us the power to search across all applications from Atlassian Home.

Bitbucket Design:

New Bitbucket Cloud UI

Bitbucket also has a new design which makes it easier to work with. You can easily create a new repository and projects directly from the sidebar.

All changes are going to be available first on Atlassian Cloud.

New Online Community:

We are using Atlassian Tools for more than just the tools themselves; we are using them because they help us to collaborate more and play better as a team. In order to improve teamwork across the community, Atlassian introduced the new Online Community:

Atlassian Community

This will be a cool place for all of us to discuss, help each other, and find better solutions.

New Languages:

Teamwork is not easy without tools! Teams are growing fast, we all have team members who speak in different languages no matter if they are in our office or at a different location. Teams are collaborating by using the Atlassian Tools. At the moment, JIRA and Confluence are available in 9 different languages. However, to simplify collaboration among multinational teams and non-English speaking users, Atlassian introduced 13 additional languages for JIRA and Confluence. Indeed, great news for European users, since most of the languages are European:

new european languages JIRA Confluence

With those, we will have 22 Languages across the applications in the next few months.

Data Center:

Atlassian Data Center focused on High Availability, Performance at Scale and Instant Scalability. At the US Summit, Atlassian introduced AWS deployment for Atlassian Data Centre, and this year, in Barcelona, they introduced two new family members for Data Center Family! Crowd Data Center and HipChat Data Center. HipChat Data Center is available as a Public beta and you can give it a try, while Crowd Data Center is still on Private beta and they will make it public soon.




Live ShipIT!

ShipIT is a one-day challenge or hack-a-thon for developers to bring their idea to an actual product. A couple of Atlassian Partners participated and the winner of the ShipIT T-shirt was k15tsoftware with their great idea “Bobble Heads” for the Confluence Collaborative Editor. It’s a cool plugin on top of the collaborative editor that allows people to collaborate on editing a page while having a video call:


We know that you might be excited to attend the next Atlassian Summit in Europe with us! So, we should say that according to what Atlassian announced, we can pack our stuff and get ready for next Atlassian Summit in Europe, which is scheduled for September 2018! Feel free to contact us if you want to join us for an amazing Conference, great networking with other partners, see interesting cases from other Atlassian users and many more.

Oh, on top of all this, the parties that you are going to attend during your stay at the Summit.

Image credits for the cover image go to StepShot.