Entering the Cloud

Moving your business to the Cloud is not just stepping into the future, but entering a whole new world. And we don’t just bring you there safely, we help you and your teams unleash the full potential of your business in this new world.

Very important: we touch running systems!

Betting it all on the Cloud is great. So long as you don’t have to shut down the whole company to change everything. Imagine what your customers would think of it… We believe that your customers shouldn’t notice a thing. That’s why we specialize in migrating running systems to the Cloud without any noticeable interruptions.

Tailored Migration

Because your business is like no other, we don’t just use a ready-made flowchart. Everything we do is perfectly tailored to your needs in order to make the transition and result as smooth and optimal as possible. We professionalize the setup and identify the right technologies. The following points are usually the basis of our work:

  • Efficiently migrate your software( for example, as lift and shift migration, or re-architecting)
  • Implement AWS best practices as the foundation for your Cloud architecture
  • Basic infrastructure and application monitoring (costs and labor!)
  • Automation of deployments and infrastructure from the beginning

Oh, we could go on forever, by the way…

Not only do we help your company migrate to the Cloud with the greatest of ease, we can also make every existing Cloud architecture even smoother. For more information, please see Improving the Cloud.