Atlassian for Startups

We know startups. We live and breathe their world every day. We understand them and, as often as we see the challenges and struggles they face, we are also there to help them grow and overcome them. There is no rule book on how to do things in the startup world. Every company and every idea is a different story. What there surely is, is a number of common threats that cripple and interfere with the expected and desired results. For more than 10 years we have been there guiding the process and providing the right tools to help startups and teams of various natures to become the best version of themselves.

Come join us at our Atlassian for Startups Event on the 11th of June in Berlin, where topic experts, app developers, enthusiasts, and companies will come together to share their stories about new approaches to agile teams working together.

Project and Task Management with Jira Software

All companies, big or small, revolve around projects in one way or another. That might sound simplistic, but it is reality. Whether you are producing goods, offering services, or saving the world from the terrible climate crisis, you most likely work in a team, and you and your team have a series of tasks to complete in order to reach a goal. Here is where Jira Software comes into play. Jira Software helps teams plan, assign, track, report and manage work. Regardless of the type of project or size of the team, Jira Software adapts to your needs. The system will reflect and behave based on what you need and what you define. No more compromises or settling for any “workarounds.” From cards, project boards, and workflows all the way to complete product roadmaps, reports, and permission controls, Jira Software is a one-stop tool for any team in any industry.

Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing with Confluence

Communication tools are becoming more and more popular, but communication itself is still not easy. But having the tools readily available is not enough. So if your communication practices and culture are not healthy, the collaboration and the knowledge that could be shared among teams will be nearly impossible. In order to avoid this, teams not only have to adopt a different approach to the way things are done but they also have to rely on tools that help them achieve their goals. Confluence helps teams collaborate and share content with the right people, keep a consistent structure across teams, leverage a team’s expertise with clear and transparent feedback, and make the content available when and where it is most needed. Talk about being in the right place at the right time!

Flexible and Collaborative Service Delivery with Jira Service Desk

Learn more about the features of the Jira Service Desk and how we can support you by guiding the process and providing the right tools. We help startups and teams of various natures to become the best version of themselves, just contact our colleagues for more information.

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