Manuel Vogel

Chief Technology Officer

The modern fox!

Manu is our expert for customized, individual solutions in, around and for the Cloud. He is setting up our Frankfurt office with Oliver. Something about him seems a little Spanish to us, though. Is it perhaps because he lived in Barcelona in 2010? It was a life changing experience, he says. He also likes to listen to Bongo Botrako, and it would make him really happy to go to a salsa party with you. Or workout. But be careful! Manu’s favorite sport is boxing. So quasi fencing. Only without a sword. His friends say that Manu likes to act in the background. He also has a strong sense of justice and loves new things and technological diversity. Especially because it can be used to find creative solutions to make people’s lives easier. The only think we know is that “fox” in Spanish is “zorro!”

Really good at

  • aws
  • cloud
  • finops

Expert in