Łukasz Bednarczyk

DevOps Engineer

Get to the point!

Łukasz Insists on direct and precise communication. We’ll oblige him and get straight to the point: when he was young he wanted to become an A+ magician. Nowadays he’s fascinated by the agility of modern technology. He often hacks his own home server, doesn’t like formal meetings but does like landscape photography so he can pursue the beauty of the world. Otherwise he’s very pragmatic: being useful and effective energizes him. The book “The Art of War” has influenced him most. His motto is “live and let live”. His favorite location is 50°46’45.0"N 15°33’26.0”E. And he’s a nice guy.

Really good at

  • AWS
  • Docker
  • Git
  • Linux
  • Python

Certified in

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate
AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate

Expert in

  • Managed Applications