Gerald Hechler

Quality Manager

Mit summa cum laude von der Old School.

Gerald prefers to work with a whiteboard, flipcharts, Post-its, paper and pen. Now and then (and only if it really is necessary) a Macbook. Here’s the punch line: as our new quality manager, Gerald is something like the Zen master of progress; he does KAIZEN workshops and lean management and can actually do everything to make a team better (except speaking Swabian).

Also in his free time Gerald is a bit old school. If we wanted to visit him, we would probably need a very special DeLorean. For him, a “Perfect Day” includes vinyl records (e. g. Lou Reed), bicycles (he apparently collects them) and a good red wine. Or the Atlantic coast at the height of the Pyrenees where he enjoys vacationing with his family – quite old-school.

Really good at

  • ITIL

Certified in

EU GDPR Certified
ISO/IEC 27001 Certified
ITIL 4 Foundation

Expert in

  • Quality Management