David Wabnitz

Unit Manager

Fascinated by new things.

Above all, David likes the variety of challenges in his job. What he likes most is the combination of reflection, analysis and development of creative problem solving within the challenge of organizational or technical implementation of these solutions, which usually require a lot of empathy, adaptability and psychological skills. Consequently, he likes to work with other people - but not always 😉. When he’s out of the office, David prefers to be home and enjoy big adventures with his kids. They love trying new things such as climbing, playing saxophone, drawing / painting, and gardening. All these activities serve as a creative and physical balance to working on the computer.

Really good at

  • PSPO I
  • PSM I
  • Agile Coaching
  • Agile Product Management
  • T-Project Management
  • UserExperience-Design

Certified in

Professional Scrum Product Owner
Professional Scrum Master - I
Mastering Business Models
Mastering Value Propositions
Design Sprint Masterclass

Expert in

  • Ideation and Innovation