Constance Hua

Atlassian & Business Consultant

Litmus test of boredom.

Constance is ultimately driven by interest. If something is interesting to her, she won’t let go of the idea. And if she has no interest,… well, she suddenly can become very lazy. Or goes MIA. Fortunately she is interested in a great variety of things, and we ultimately believe that, if something doesn’t interest her, it simply isn’t interesting. She’s like a Litmus test.

In her free time Constance is very interested in doing house improvement for herself and others. She loves working with wood. She is also very interested in you. Yes, you! She likes it when you come over and have a chat with you (don’t take it personally if she doesn’t remember your name, she has a very poor name memory. On the other hand, she has a very good visual memory, drop her off anywhere, she’ll find her way home!). Ah, and she is interested in cookies as well. Very much interested …

Really good at

  • CO
  • JSW
  • JSD
  • Portfolio
  • Confluence

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  • Atlassian Services