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Welt Edition von WeltN24 durch kreuzwerker jetzt noch erreichbarer

Jonas Petersen

Wieder einmal wurde WeltN24 durch die kreuzwerker unterstützt. Diesmal um die Reichweite ihres Premium-Produkts "Welt Edition" zu erweitern.

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Static is the new cool.

Diego Caponera

Lately we have been rebrushing our homepage here at kreuzwerker, and we are quite happy with that! I am mostly happy with how things are going under the hood, because basically nothing is happening.

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Launch der Industriegüterplattform AssetOrb

Tilmann Eing

Die kreuzwerker haben eine Ruby-basierte Web-Plattform für die Bewertung und den Handel mit gebrauchten Industriegütern entwickelt, die zudem den Grundstein zu einem Auktionsportal in späteren Versionen beinhaltet.

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kreuzwerker sind bei WorldWideBerlin dabei!

Tilmann Eing

Die kreuzwerker haben die Ehre...

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Dawn of the Thread

Jasper Timm

The zombies are coming!

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Ten Little Comments

Diego Caponera

Once upon a time, there were ten little comments who used to play around in the kreuzwerker domain. They were growing up wealthy and strong, when all of a sudden Lady Fanny claimed their departure.

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Automated Jenkins jobs with Gradle

Toralf Kampe

For our suite of Cucumber-JVM based frontend end-2-end tests we use Jenkins as continuous integration system for parallel test execution and monitoring of test results. The manual creation and configuration of Jenkins jobs can be a tedious task…

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ARTE Live Web reborn as ARTE Concert

David Wabnitz

For example the current selection spans from the Requiem by Hector Berlioz (Classical Music) over the Festival Flamenco de Nîmes (Dance) and the Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain (Circus), the David Murray Big Band (Jazz) and a concert by The…

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Put some JSON Schema in your life

Diego Caponera

Fact: JSON is the de facto serialization standard of the web, deal with it. It is not a matter of personal choice, you can deliver a full stack without changing your data structure:

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Why Clojure Rocks

Andreas Profous

Recently, I’ve been learning about Clojure, and I have to say I’m impressed. I just started to learn about the language in my spare time, but my impression is very positive; all the different pieces seem to just magically interact together such that…

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