News from the Atlassian Summit 2014


We're very excited to see that Atlassian continues their success story in 2014. New products, growth rates and the feature announcements at this years Atlassian Summit convinced us again that using their tools and being an Atlassian Experts is the right thing to do.

We would like to highlight a few key changes: JIRA Service Desk finally matured and can now be recommended - having an improved pricing model, multi channel functionality and email request support.

Also JIRAs integration capabilities greatly improved for customers using Stash. With inline comments and file collaboration Confluence made another big improvement to allow collaboration on an enterprise level. With Confluence allowing a team to collaborate on one document is one of the key features that was hardly missed - we think this will close a gap and lead to increased effectivity and knowledge transparency within the Atlassian tool chain. We can't wait to start using it.

We're also eager to use the new HipChat clients for Desktop and Mobile. Atlassian rolled out a lot of improvements, such as better responsiveness and integration for sharing files, videos or pictuers with other apps. The new key-bindings and look and feel seems way more appearing that before and the improved support for emoticons is simply fun.

There are a more things to come I'm leaving out for now. If you are interested, feel free to get in touch with us and see how Atlassian tools can fit to your setup.