Media Hack Day 2014 API closeup

Jan Nabbefeld

Joining a hackathon can be amazing but what can you expect participating on the Media Hack Day 2014 as a developer? What kind of features are provided by the APIs opened up for this event?

Axel Springer ideas being an example will give you the possibility to access an archive of approximately 500k articles via a RESTful web interface delivering JSON data. The content is coming from different sources like,, and others. A huge amount of textual data and images! However making the API more attractive for developers it comes with some sugar on top.

All documents are enriched with a bunch of tags organized as topic classifications. Such as geolocations, organizations, persons, products or events among others. Additional content based information is available which means every article will be analyzed and “stamped” with specific keywords characterizing the facts the article is about. Every keyword comes with a weight making it easy to judge on its relevance. Of course this is done automatically and in realtime so that the most recent content is available within milliseconds right after publishing it. Besides the capability of searching the archive, the underlaying engine is able to deliver even more: by calling specific endpoints of the API a list of the topics having the biggest variation in the last period will be delivered. This makes it easy to visualize trends in an application using the API. Moreover it is possible to request topics that are most common at the moment as well as related articles.

I’m really curious to see the resulting applications using this one. However there are more APIs open to use (or combine) like Watchmi, storyful, Der Spiegel, Wikidata, or Contentmen.

Twitter hashtag: #mhd2014

Jan Nabbefeld

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