kreuzwerker is now a ScriptRunner certified partner

Daniel Meisen

kreuzwerker is proud to announce to belong to the first and few official ScriptRunner partners.

ScriptRunner certified partner

The power of Atlassian tools is deeply rooted in the flexibility to customize the tools through APIs and so called apps (formerly known as "add-ons") which can be  installed to extend existing and add new functionality to the tools.

The ScriptRunner add-on family for JIRA and Confluence and Bitbucket is one of the few add-ons that is since the early versions of JIRA and Confluence and has one of the highest install bases.

In JIRA ScriptRunner allows to customize different aspects through powerful built-in function (i.e. Workflow Post-Functions, Event Listener, Scripted Fields) and also allows to add custom Groovy based Scripts that utilize the JIRA Java API via the administrative UI.

ScriptRunner has proven to be a reliable "swiss-knife" for all sorts of administrative tasks, customizations and most importantly for filling gaps in features that are either not on the Roadmap of Atlassian or Add-On Vendors or that are "just-not-there-yet".

In combination with other Add-Ons this allows us to implement a plethora of solutions that perfectly cover our customers requirements. The degree of automation that can be achieved with a little custom scripting increases acceptance and usability of tools especially in "non-technical" environments.

Over the next up and coming month we will feature a set of solutions that we built for customers, that would not have been possible without the use of customizations and automizations.

We are happy to help you to get started with ScriptRunner, enable you to build your customizations and carry out customizations and consulting at any scale. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Daniel Meisen

For more than a decade Daniel has been a keen software developer, consultant and a coach. In addition to excursions into the development of embedded systems and model-driven development, he takes an agile, object-oriented approach using Ruby and Java. After completing his…

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