Your 1-click-Jira-Instance

David Klemme

In this post, we would like to show you how simple and quick it is to automate your Service Desk requests to create new applications on AWS, instantly.

What is the problem?

Have you ever needed a new server - for testing, new customers or a migration? Depending on the setup, this might cause some work on several fronts:

Considering aforementioned challenges, we decided to use Jira Service Desk, Adaptavist Scriptrunner & AWS as an example to present an automated workflow at Adaptavist's Roadshow in Berlin a few weeks back.

What is the solution?

Single point of truth for all parties, using Jira Service Desk with Scriptrunner and AWS. This way, a defined process can be easily followed, the information and status are in one place - and all actions are automated. The cost control and transparency is guaranteed.


How to get there?

In this scenario, we triggered an approval workflow in Service Desk through a portal request. Upon approval, a groovy script using Scriptrunner's custom post-functions will trigger a new build on AWS, updating the request with the according AWS request ID.

Since the formation might take a moment on the AWS side - we used AWS' email notifications as the feedback loop back to the Service Desk.

Once done, AWS will send a notification email which gets picked up by the Service Desk email handler - with a little more groovy magic the necessary info (mainly the server address) will be added to the original request and the requesting user will be notified that his shiny new server with Jira is already up and running.

No rocket science here, but a great value-adding service with very little technical complexity.

Happy automating!

David Klemme

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