Hipchat and Stride have fallen. Migration is inevitable!

Mariusz Mścichowski

Atlassian recently announced a strategic partnership with Slack (https://www.atlassian.com/blog/announcements/new-atlassian-slack-partnership, https://www.atlassian.com/partnerships/slack ).

HipChat and Stride have been acquired by Slack (incl. IP) and will not be developed any further. Functionalities and support will terminate on the following dates:

Hipchat Data Center (v3.0): 22 Jun 2019
Hipchat Data Center (v3.1): 26 Sep 2019
Hipchat Server (v2.1): 8 Dec 2018
Hipchat Server(v2.2): 30 May 2019
Hipchat Server (v2.4): 30 Jun 2020

Slack is the Cloud solutions recommended by Atlassian:

Slack and Atlassian announced partnership and Slack's CEO, Stewart Butterfield assured that both companies work on simple and painless process to support those users who choose to migrate. Atlassian is making investments to create deeper and more powerful integrations between Slack and Atlassian family of products. Hundred of thousands of teams are already using Slack with Jira, Confluence, Bitbuckeet, Trello, etc. Stewart Butterfield is convinced that those new integration options will have a big impact on how they work.

Current users of Hipchat Cloud, Hipchat Server / Data Center and Stride can check Migration Hub for details on switching to Slack.

Our team at kreuzwerker will be happy to help you with your migration to Slack and will provide support with Mattermost as an on-premise solution.

Credits for cover image go to Atlassian.

Mariusz Mścichowski

Mariusz is the information technology professional and experienced project manager, skilled in Atlassian Stack, Automated Software Testing, Test Planning, Scrum, Web Applications, and JUnit. He graduated from AGH University of Science and Technology in 2014.

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