Tomasz Krzywda

Tomasz has worked as a cross-platform developer for over 3 years now for companies such as Green Letterbox Ltd., Blue Ocean Media Sp. z o.o. and Fortrus Ltd. Although he specializes in JavaScript and Titanium Mobile framework, he is also quite experienced in developing native apps for iOS.

Like all of our 'kreuzwerkers,' Tomasz takes pride in a wide skillset: from working with REST backends, JIRA family of applications, to GIT, Jenkins and the list is long. As of lately, he has added Xamarin and Xamarin Forms cross-platform development to his repertoire.

Tomasz's academic background includes a bachelor's in IT from WSTI (Katowice Institute of Information Technologies). He is also certified in C# and Xamarin Forms.

Tomasz works in kreuzwerker's Warsaw branch as a mobile developer. He's in charge of the Filmed app for the Papaya Young Directors project and is also involved in kreuzwerker's PaperGPS app.

In his free time, Tomasz likes to engage in RC (radio-controlled) Drifting, assemble model kits, and play both mobile/PC and board games.