Roman Tuchin

After graduating from the Moscow State Industrial University in 2007, Roman has worked for a couple of companies in Moscow, such as Russian Railways or Russian IMBD. For Russian Railways, he automatised a system that manages a schedule of trains around the whole country.

Roman is a senior backend developer, mainly focusing on JVM-languages, like java, Scala and Kotlin. After a few years in the professional environment in Moscow, he decided to move abroad and travel around the world. First goal was Poland, where Roman pursued a B.A degree in Polish Philology. He graduated from Adam Mickiewicz University after 2 years and started to work for the IT-Consulting company - BLStream in Szczecin, where he was able to practice his Polish and conduct many interesting projects, e.g. for the Mobile Operator, Play.

After 3 years in Poland, Roman moved to Berlin and worked there 5 years for idealo. In 2018, he joined our kreuzwerker's family, where he adds value to the Engineering Team.

In his free time, he plays volleyball and enjoys quality family time.