Łukasz Madej 

Łukasz has been working as a front-end developer for the last 5 years. His track record includes working as a front-end developer for the international digital consultancy firm, Steria, and as a senior front-end developer for Poland's biggest bank, PKO Bank. While some kids dream of becoming fireman when they grow up, Łukasz had a slightly different dream: he had wanted to be a software developer for as long as he could remember.

This dream of his had brought Łukasz to study IT at the Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology in Poland, where he also worked, alongside his studies, as a PHP and QA developer. Later on in his career, he decided that front-end development was the right thing for him and had, thus, changed paths. Since then, he has worked as a front-end developer and has even founded his very own company—Code Crafters—which he manages alongside other projects.  

Łukasz joined kreuzwerker in December 2016 as a front-end developer in the Ops team. He mainly focuses on on OMC, OBP, and IDB.

In his free time, Łukasz enjoys pretty much everything that has the word “board” in it. In winter, he likes to go snowboarding, in summer, it's more about long-boarding and wake-boarding. As of recently, he has started getting more into race car driving—talk about an adrenaline rush!