Jonas Petersen

Having worked as a software developer for over 30 years, Jonas has gained extensive knowledge in the field, which he gladly shares with his peers.

Jonas has always been passionate about software development. In fact, he was so fascinated with it, that he began working as a software developer even before obtaining an academic degree. Wanting to receive an official recognition for his skills and hands-on experience in the industry, he enrolled in an academic degree at Technische Hochschule Brandenburg—"Dipl.-Ing. (FH)"— which he completed in 2002.

Throughout his long and diverse career, Jonas has worked both as a freelance and salaried programmer, collaborating with companies such as Pixelpark and engaging himself both in software development projects and graphic animation (including 3D).

His vast array of specializations include programing languages such as C, C++, Java, Javascript, Python, PHP, and Perl, among others.

At kreuzwerker, Jonas works as a full-stack developer, mainly focusing on back-end development. He also feels quite at home when working on front-end development, DevOps, content management, app development, UX/UI, 2D/3D graphic design, and testing—all of which he does gladly for us. If that's not enough, he also serves as the CTO of EXP360.

In his off-work time, Jonas is a musician, who likes to spend his time producing music, playing the electric guitar, performing, and developing audio software.