Ismael Jimoh

After completing a Bachelor of Information Technology (Software Engineering and Games Design) at Multimedia University (Malaysia), Ismael began working for the Kuala Lumpur-based branch of ServiceRocket as an application and developer with a focus on support for the project Adobe PhoneGap, which is based on the Cordova framework.

Later, he transitioned to focusing on Atlassian JIRA product as an Application Support Engineer with particular interest in JIRA Service Desk. He aspired to understand the process and see how best he could assist customers in solving their problems.

In addition to his vast expertise in Atlassian products, Ismael also holds a Master degree in Business Administration, for he always wanted to understand how businesses run and learn about project management in particular, as well as he is keen to help clients on a more personal basis.

At kreuzwerker, Ismael works in the Atlassian team as an Atlassian consultant. In his free time, he likes running (3-4 half marathons and counting), taking pictures of nature and architecture (a big green landscape loving person with a love for old school or different architectures), cooking (anyone interested in a BBQ?), video games (not as much as he used to, FIFA and ARPGs once in a while) and he is an aspiring traveler (who wants to broaden his horizons, meet new people and live life to the fullest).