Confluence Cloud für Einsteiger


20.07.2021 | 10:00

Confluence Cloud für Einsteiger
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Über das Training


Dieser Kurs ist für alle gedacht, die neu oder relativ neu in der Welt von Confluence sind. Wenn es schon eine Weile her ist, dass Sie die Plattform das letzte Mal benutzt haben, ist dieser Kurs auch für Sie richtig.



Level & Vorwissen

Einsteiger. Keines.

Technische Anforderungen

Stabile Internetverbindung, Zugang zu Zoom, Kopfhörer, Mikrofon und Webcam.




10:00 - 13:00


250,00 €


Juliya Kaplun
Atlassian Consultant

Emails, phone calls, Word docs, slack messages, sticky notes, you name it... the way we disseminate information is all over the place. But let's admit it: deep down you've been yearning for that elusive 'single source of truth'.

Thanks to Confluence, you now have it.

Learn how to wield the industry-standard tool that takes knowledge sharing to an entirely new level. Whether it's creating a space for your team to track requirements, wiki pages to codify knowledge, or a one-stop shop for everything intranet, Confluence has got you covered.

In this training we'll take you through the ins and outs of Atlassian's renowned team workspace tool so that you walk away with the confidence and knowledge to transform your collaboration game.


10:00 - 13:00
  • Introduction to the landing page and menu navigation

  • Demo of space structure

  • Demo of right-side navigation: search, admin, notifications, personal settings

  • Introduction to page creation – theory and practice

  • Overview of the most beneficial macros

  • Confluence integration with Jira

  • Publishing your content

  • Search – how to quickly find what you’re looking for

  • Q&A


  • Understand the structure of Confluence and how to use it to your advantage

  • Create pages and organize them in a way that is easily navigable and easy to find

  • Create compelling content through clever editing options and common macros

  • Utilize collaboration tools for content creation or review

  • Create your own templates for a customized fit that can be used time and time again


Juliya Kaplun

Atlassian Consultant

Training. Coaching. Explaining. Juliya worked for several years in the IT industry, providing trainings and coaching to interested persons on software, software updates and, of course, the Atlassian tool stack.

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