Enterprise Service Management with Jira Service Management

The reasons why you should be using Jira Service Management for absolutely all your internal and external service management issues.

Think Enterprise Service Management, act with Jira Service Management

We all do Service Management, on one side or on the other. As a user, as an agent or as IT department that has to provide tools. No matter where you start within your company, you will always find service requests, internal or external.

But to what degree is Service Management available in your tool landscape? And how much of it really only exists in your employees’ heads? How can you ensure good service quality when your Service Management offer is not visible in your tools? Or if you use Service Management tools that differ depending on the Business Areas, or for internal services?

We have implemented ITSM/ESM solutions based on Jira Service Management for many customers, and can offer you a broad range of expertise.

Your Enterprise Service Management

Jira Service Management is the most collaborative service management solution on the market. It is easy to use, and suitable for both IT and business teams wishing to professionalize and facilitate their service management. Built on Atlassian’s Jira, the market leader in helping teams get work done, Jira Service Management delivers an effortless service experience and quickly adapts to your needs.

Using Jira Service Management in your organization and with your customers saves you additional expenses (e.g. less service is necessary because Confluence is integrated into Knowledge Management and customer self-service); you also get better business value because user efficiency is increased and business is done more effectively; and finally you also get a reliable tracking system of all service requests.

It offers your internal and external customers a consumer grade experience with a central portal scaling that unifies and satisfies IT, Finance, HR, Legal, Marketing, etc. You can also use automation to respond more quickly to requests, as well as optimize your teams’ collaboration by increasing cross-team transparency.

Supporting Enterprise Service Management with Knowledge Management

By integrating Confluence as a Knowledge Base for your Service Management, you can reduce the number of requests entering your system. Users see related Knowledge Base articles from the request portal, which frees up agents from answering the same question over and over. Jira Service Management’s intuitive user interface will support your business teams in easily finding the required information, and real-time collaboration will leave you with satisfied customers.

Service Desk Portal

Why would you use Jira Service Management for Business Teams?

Because you can. Because it is easy to use, and because it’s also for “non-techies”. Because you will have ONE PLACE where all information is shared. Because you will reduce time and effort for service requests.

If you want to learn more about Enterprise Service Management or IT Service Management with Jira Service Management, contact us.

More about Jira Service Management

Jira Service Management has everything your IT teams need for service request, incident, problem, and change management out-of-the-box, and it is PinkVERIFY certified. Customers can submit requests via a simple self-service portal, and machine learning will intelligently recommend the right service. It learns from every interaction, so the answers are easy to find. Agents can easily setup automations so they can focus on solving the important stuff and help lighten the workload. And if your software teams already use Jira Software, you can link IT tickets to the Dev team’s backlog to get to the root cause of problems before they escalate. (Source: Atlassian)

More about Confluence

Confluence is content collaboration software that changes how modern teams work. Confluence gives teams the power to create anything and everything, from meeting notes and project plans, to product requirements, with multimedia and dynamic content to make work come to life. Create a space for every team, department, or major project to share knowledge, information and keep work organized. Use a structured hierarchy and a powerful search engine to find work quickly and easily, and leave feedback on the work itself with inline, page and file commenting on any Confluence page. For ITSM, Confluence is the place where service teams create customer-facing FAQs, internal runbooks, and troubleshooting guides.

Source: Atlassian