Enterprise Service Management

Less consumption, with higher performance. Optimal ESM is something like a high performance oil for your company engine. And - between us - if we can’t achieve optimal results, we won’t even do it. Get in touch if you need an oil change.

From ITSM to ESM.

The world is becoming more and more digital, and naturally technical evolution doesn’t end with the service departments. Classic IT service management is slowly expanding beyond IT departments and becoming an increasingly important factor for many other departments. This concept already prevails at Atlassian, which is why we here at kreuzwerker are working together with our numerous customers to advance this development. We have successfully extended service management beyond the IT sector. Welcome to our Enterprise Service Management.

I see potential. You see potential. We all see potential.

ESM unleashes digital potential in your company far beyond IT. As an Atlassian experts (Platinum Partner), we have internalized the service management for companies, and are ideally suited to take this developmental to a new level. If you want to know which departments would benefit the most from our ESM, which ITSM processes would be used most frequently and what will happen in the future, text us. Our experts look forward to hear from you.