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Process design, scaling, fragmentation? It's a people’s business. With expert knowledge in processes and people, our experienced team of Atlassian consultants maximizes the added value of your business. That is if you use Atlassian, of course...

As a longtime Atlassian Partner and Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, we offer the entire range of Atlassian services. We advise, install, host, configure and develop the tools you need. We accompany you through the entire requirements management, important decision-making processes, product launches and, of course, conversions. Not only do we understand the entire tool stack to the nth degree, but above all, your situation. And most of all, we believe digital is a people business.

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We’re here for you, if …

… you need something new.

You want to introduce a new Atlassian product into your company? We can help you choose the right products, versions, licenses, and operating environments in order to achieve maximum benefit.

… your toolchain is a little rusty.

Everything’s not running as smoothly as it used to? You’d like to exchange individual components or expand your landscape with new products? With our extensive know-how, we can help you to selectively eliminate weaknesses.

…your company has outgrown the previous system.

Your business is booming and expanding and Jira, Confluence & Co. just aren’t running as fast as they used to? By working together, we’ll achieve optimal results in your environment! Whether 10 or 10,000 users, we have extensive experience in the (performance) optimization of Atlassian products.

… you can’t bear hearing the word “problem” anymore.

With SLAs, we ensure immediate response and, if necessary, troubleshooting. You can count on us to focus and concentrate on your core business.

… you want to tackle the challenges as a startup.

We know startups. We live and breathe their world every day. We understand them and, as often as we see the challenges and struggles they face, we are also there to help them grow and overcome them. There is no rule book on how to do things in the startup world. Every company and every idea is a different story. Find more information about Atlassian for Startups on our website.

License Management

License procurement, cancellation and renewal is available at special conditions as well as a full service guarantee: We manage everything related to the licensing of your Atlassian products. We advise and assist you in obtaining licenses for all Atlassian tools and add-ons now on the market. In addition, we take care of license renewals, clauses and consolidations and keep an eye on the validity period. As an Atlassian Partner we are able to offer you a license acquisition at an attractive price. Naturally you can easily pay by invoice. You will find more information here.

Contact: Tilman & Constance


As an authorized Atlassian training partner, we offer training programs tailored to your requirements and teams. From total beginners to seasoned professionals - our authorized Atlassian instructors look forward to introducing you and your staff to the Atlassian world, or complimenting your extensive expertise with our vast experience.

Authorized Instructor - Dec 2022

Training Partner - Dec 2022

We are happy to assist you with our expertise and practical experience.

Contact: René, Constance, Tilman


Over the years we have built a variety of strategic partnerships that emphasizes our dedication to performance and quality. These partners are market-leading providers and offer proven, scalable solutions. Our Atlassian consultants are certified Atlassian specialists as well as for these ecosystem products. We would be happy to assist you with our broad portfolio of best practices and applications.