Atlassian for Startups

We know start-ups. We live and breathe start-ups every day. We understand their goals and we help them learn to overcome any obstacles in between them. There’s no rule book to running a start-up: every company, and its mission, is unique. But the difficulties and threats to their goals are largely the same. For over ten years, we have guided start-ups along their course, providing them with all the tools they need to become the best version of themselves.

Project and task management for start-ups with Jira Software

All companies, big and small, revolve around projects in one way or another. Sure, that’s boiling it down somewhat. But whether your start-up produces goods, offers services, or saves the world from climate change, you most likely work in a team, with a series of tasks to complete in order to reach a goal.

Here’s where Jira Software comes into play. Jira Software helps teams plan, assign, track, report and manage work. Regardless of the kind of project or size of the group, you can adapt Jira Software to your start-up’s needs. No more compromises or settling for any “workarounds.” You can shape and define it to reflect the way you want to work. From cards, project boards, and workflows, all the way to complete product roadmaps, reports and permission controls, Jira Software is a one-stop shop for start-ups in any industry.

Collaboration, feedback and knowledge sharing in start-ups with Confluence

Communication tools are becoming more and more popular, but communication itself is not necessarily easier. Having the tools available is not enough – without healthy communication practices and feedback culture, you won’t be able to accomplish successful collaboration and knowledge sharing. Instead, your start-up needs to combine collaboration tools with a new approach to communication to achieve your goals. Confluence helps start-ups work together and share content with the right people, keep a consistent structure across the company, leverage a team’s expertise with clear and transparent feedback, and make the content available when and where it is most needed. Talk about being in the right place at the right time!

Flexible and collaborative service delivery with Jira Service Desk

Learn more about Jira Service Desk, its features, and how we can support your start-up by providing the right tools. We help start-ups and teams of various natures to become the best version of themselves. Just contact our colleagues for more information and read blog 3/3 from our series Atlassian for Startups: ESM and ITSM: The Importance of Choosing the Right Tool for Your Process

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