Atlassian Cloud Migration

If Atlassian tools such as Jira, Confluence and Jira Service Management are important to your business operations, then it is absolutely essential that your cloud migration be done right. And to be done right the first time.

kreuzwerker’s Atlassian experts can help you every step of the way - from a cloud readiness assessment to a successful cloud migration. We have accompanied numerous companies on their journey to Atlassian’s SaaS solution. From the initial assessment to the migration to our managed application services: as a renowned Platinum Solution Partner Enterprise, we know what really matters.

Our experience with everything from A to Z is what counts. kreuzwerker does migrations every day and we have already gained extensive experience in dealing with unexpected technical and functional challenges. Let us help you master yours. Migrate your Atlassian stack in 2022 and benefit from a package deal for licenses and migration support. We offer our customers - according to their individual needs - different components to help them maximize the full potential of Jira, Jira Service Management and Confluence.

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Atlassian Cloud Readiness Assessment

Atlassian Cloud Security & Compliance Check

Atlassian Cloud Migration - 6 steps

Atlassian Cloud License Management

Are you ready for the Atlassian Cloud?

When performing a cloud and migration assessment, our Atlassian experts make as complete a picture as possible of the current setup, the complexity and the challenges to be expected in the move to the cloud. Following a proven process model, we review your Atlassian instances and ask you the appropriate questions.

Together, we develop a target-oriented cloud strategy - so that you can continue to use Jira & Co. optimally in your company in the future.

Depending on the current set-up, the assessment includes:

  • recording relevant technical parameters and review/analysis of the current set-up

  • Inclusion of additional requirements
    • Integrations of other tools
    • Security, legal, compliance and privacy

  • Compatibility (requirements, apps from Atlassian Marketplace): What are the must-haves of your Marketplace apps?

  • Identification, challenges and roadblocks

  • Identification of necessary changes (usage, processes, etc.)

  • Involvement of relevant stakeholders

  • Documentation of the results and recommendations for action
    • Cloud selection: optimal license model
    • Time and action planning Cloud migration (optional)
    • Clean-up or upgrade necessary?

Dry Run & Atlassian Cloud Migration Assistant: Depending on the set-up and complexity, a test migration can already take place here at this early stage. This checks whether the Cloud Migration Assistants from Atlassian achieve good results.

Clean-up? Clean-up before the move: Let’s face it: it is not uncommon for a Jira instance to have grown over years. Different administrator:s have been active - and not always with a clearly articulated governance and administration playbook for Atlassian tools. One result of the assessment is - spoiler: it’s not entirely uncommon - the realization that a clean-up before migration would be more than advisable. Of course, we help you with that, too.

You’ll find more information here

Security, Compliance, GDPR and, and, and…

kreuzwerker is one of the Solution Partners who have directly advised Atlassian in the GDPR context. We have experience in highly regulated industries such as banking and insurance, and will support your company in compliance and security audits and in all other Atlassian Cloud matters.

With the kreuzwerkers, you have professional consulting at your side that goes far beyond the purely technical handling of tools. You benefit from our best practices and our comprehensive knowledge of migrations - not only in the Atlassian context.

6 steps to a successful Atlassian migration.

A thorough, precise and reliable plan for Atlassian Cloud Migration is absolutely essential. And it should be followed holistically and stringently from start to finish. With the framework illustrated here, we bring together the experience of our Atlassian specialists, our expertise and the right tools to successfully carry out any migration. A migration from Jira & Co. is not rocket science - but sufficient experience is essential for the success of the project.

Process model for Atlassian Cloud migrations:

  • Qualification
  • Assessment & Review
  • Plan and Prepare
  • Test and Validate
  • Migration
  • Post Migration QA and Hyper Care

As your reliable partner, we remain on standby even after the actual migration. Just in case.

Cloud license management

Are you already in the Atlassian Cloud or are you planning to move? With our professional Atlassian license management, we help you save costs and choose the cloud model that’s right for you.

In cloud license management, we support you with a free and non-binding evaluation of your license options. Based on the status quo, we provide you with recommendations for action to select the best cloud model.

Cloud licenses are easily purchased in the currency of your choice (e.g. USD, EUR, CHF) and by invoice. You benefit from the special conditions we can offer you as an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner. These include price advantages of more than 40% on certain migrations.

Contact now your Atlassian license experts for a free of charge and unbinding evaluation regarding your license option at

More information:

Atlassian Lizenz-Management
40 %+ Lizenzkosten sparen

PS: Contact us even if a cloud migration is not yet imminent. By intelligently extending your subscription, you can avoid unnecessary costs.

The benefits of the Atlassian cloud - what you should know about the cloud

Even very large companies with thousands of users are increasingly moving to the Atlassian cloud. They are following the example of startups and dynamically growing companies with agility in their DNA, and an unconditional focus on their core business. And there is no doubt that technical updates to the supporting software and its operation are not part of this.

  • reduce costs
  • save time
  • never upgrade again
  • automatic security and bug fixes
  • work from anywhere
  • stay secure
  • be more agile
  • benefit from product innovations

Why you should move to the Atlassian Cloud now.

The cloud is the future. Atlassian has made this abundantly clear with their end-of-server announcement for 2024 and their cloud-first approach. Don’t get left behind, 95% of all on-premise instances will need to be migrated in less than a year. Not to mention the way Atlassian is investing in the platform, this is undoubtedly the right way to become future-ready.

Secure your Atlassian price advantage:

  • Loyalty Discounts: 40+% savings in license costs: More about it in this blogpost
  • Dual Licensing: will continue for existing licenses for up to 12 months free of charge

Future-proof your business: provide continuous access to innovation such as new features, integrations, and enhancements that ensure all stakeholders - administrator and end-user alike - get the latest features to deploy quickly and with high quality.

Skip the line: Thousands of Jira and Confluence instances still have to move from servers to the cloud or data center version by 2024. With many more complex instances, this will take time - as well as the help of migration experts. So avoid being left behind with a last-minute migration.

Why should you choose kreuzwerker as your partner for all topics related to cloud migration?

As a Platinum Solution Partner, kreuzwerker has developed proven methods as well as standardized process models and gained extensive experience to master any cloud migration challenge. From simple to very complex migrations, our team of certified cloud experts is able to develop migration plans tailored to the specific company.

Established processes and experienced teams ensure that your cloud migration will be as seamless as possible. We also ensure that your Atlassian toolset will enjoy a relaxed journey into the cloud. Trust our Atlassian experts to guide you every step of the way.

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