Agile Tool Management

You don't know where to start? Don't know how to keep your Atlassian suite up to date or even running? Time constraints? Stop worrying, you can have this provided by kreuzwerker. With our stable team of experienced Jira administrators, we will make your end users' lives easier as well as put an end to your administrators' sleepless nights by keeping your instance up to date, healthy and running.

With our Agile Tool Management, based on standardized processes for Atlassian tools, we will help you to ensure your standard service quality. Together with your (Jira/Confluence, etc.) administrators, we will establish a clear channel of communication and will ensure the reliability of your service.

Your Benefits from Agile Tool Management

  • We offer you standardized processes for the administration of your Atlassian tool landscape.
  • We ensure a standard service delivery based on strict SLAs, which we will define according to your needs.
  • Together, we will establish a clear channel of communication that will be used for all defined purposes.
  • With our team of experienced administrators, we will ensure the reliability of your service.

Agile Tool Management

What Makes Up Agile Tool Management

How we do Agile Tool Management can differ completely, depending on your company conditions, requirements or access policy. In general, Agile Tool Management is the total or partial handover of installation, maintenance, customization and administration of your Atlassian suite and add-ons. The tasks we perform include:

Project configuration

This process defines the project set up, planning and delivery to our customers, e.g. meeting structure, delivery timelines, feature planning, soft launch or go live, documentation and post implementation support.

Instance Support Process

In order to ensure clear and easy collaboration, we will together define which support request process should be followed, what support you can expect and the defined Service Level Agreements for your Agile Tool Management. The support request process includes easy communication via a service desk channel, etc. and is based on the SLAs/OLAs in the contract we agreed upon. Your support tasks will be categorized by ITIL standards, e.g. internal processes and correcting wrong configurations.

Defined Tool Set

We work together to define which tools we need for administration and collaboration to facilitate our work and make it more efficient. This will be particularly important when you need our work to be done via remote desktop for security purposes. Among the tools required are database visualizers, file transfer tools (for files being transferred from local to VM, if direct access to the VM is not possible), text editors for software development (e.g. Visual Studio Code, etc.) for log analysis, scripting or data import (csv/json), Microsoft Office (for data being sent as attachment).

Health Checks

Before we start working on your instance, we recommend carrying out a “health check” together with your relevant stakeholders - which will be, e.g. Jira/Confluence administrators. This will facilitate our work on your instance, and give us a better understanding of “pain points” or potential problems that might occur in your Jira or Confluence instance. This avoids a lot of problems at the beginning.

As we like to say at kreuzwerker, running systems will be touched by administrators. We recommend running the health check regularly, e.g. bi-annually or annually. How often this can or should be done depends on your instance, usage and the availability of your involved stakeholders.

Access Management Standards

This process defines how application access, as well as access requests, will be handled within the program, and also access to projects, spaces and repositories.

The process is based on a standardized approach, which we use with all customers. It includes how decisions on application access are made, how to ensure that application access is auditable, how configurations are standardized - based on Best Practices - and how we assist in defining the best security and password policy.

Monitoring Process

As this process enables us to keep track of the status of your servers at all times, it is one of the most important tasks we have to carry out. By monitoring your systems, we will be able to foreshadow problems and can prevent outages and troubleshooting because monitoring - if so configured - indicates the source of the problem.

The monitoring process would include clearly defined responsibilities and communication structures, tools to be used as well as stakeholders involved.

Additional Administration Services

If required and agreed upon, we will also provide you with support in other tasks such as workflow, scheme or field creation and configuration, support in writing Jira Query Language as well as ScriptRunner authoring. We can also provide you with Atlassian expertise during enterprise roll-outs.

For Customers using Data Center or Server Versions

Installation, Upgrade and Migration Process

This process defines how we will install, upgrade or migrate your instance based on a proven approach, which we have developed based on our experience in many customer projects. Also, if you need additional material from the marketplace or if your apps need upgrading, we will install or upgrade them.

If required, we will also set up development and test instances for your teams - in order to reduce your work load here as well.

Server Administration Takeover

When we provide you with Agile Tool Management, there are a number of tasks which we perform in order to provide the best service to you, including the health check of the instance, understanding your system usage, as well as your expectations concerning administration. We would document these and agree upon them and find a communication structure that will ensure the best service. Once you have granted access to all tools required or we have provided the required tools, we can begin working.

All of the issues above will be discussed in a KickOff Meeting, documented and approved by both sides. Our team will ensure that this process is set up on our side and will document the details in the tools provided.

Why should you choose Agile Tool Management?

You will get a reliable and flexible service based on fair use policies with clear SLAs that are provided by a worthy and experienced Atlassian partner who has in-depth consulting expertise. You can enhance your productivity by simplifying processes and avoiding inefficiencies that might result into your teams working too slowly.

kreuzwerker’s Agile Tool Management can ensure scalability by making your tools keep pace when business evolves. As we provide a clearly defined and simple price structure, you can easily manage your budget.

Contact us, we’re happy to support.