Yvonne Koletzki

IT Business Consultant

Thank you, Eyjafjallajökull!

Ultimately, many things can lead people to us. In Yvonne’s case, it was a volcano. More precisely, its eruption. Even more precisely, the ash cloud that prevented her from flying from Hamburg back to Stuttgart. And what do you do when you’re stuck in Hamburg? Exactly, you go to Berlin where you stay because you have met the man of your life. By the way, Yvonne has her own inner volcano. As well-balanced and experienced in yoga she is, she can remain calm and relaxed for thousands of years, but if the computer makes trouble… Yvonne likes Cuba because the people there are warm, creative, alive and fun-loving. We like Yvonne because she is like the people in Cuba. In addition to Yoga, she loves dancing and working with wood. Above all, she enjoys playing with her children at home in the somewhat swampy and absolutely unvolcanic Lübars. A part of Berlin that has really retained its own character.

Really good at

  • Projektsteuerung/-leitung
  • Projektcontrolling
  • Prozessberatung
  • Anforderungsaufnahme
  • Kommunikationskompetenz
  • Usability
  • Personalisierung

Certified in

Prince2 Foundation
CPRE Foundation

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