Yusi Ji

Atlassian Admin

Yusi is from out of this world.

No, seriously, we’re pretty sure she’s a Martian. She loves cheese cake and as a „kid“ she wanted to become a fashion designer (come on, they are definitely from another planet!). Her most favorite place is her bed. „Do I have to say more?“ No Yusi, this is of course due to Earth’s stronger gravity. The bright morning sun, green plants and the scent of roses are what brings energy to her life.What do all of these have in common? Exactly, none of them exist on Mars! She also told us that „landing on Earth from Mars and inhaling the Earth air“ was her most defining moment in life. After all, we are pretty sure, she came in peace, as she always strives to help people to find the best solution for their problems. We believe this is what made her land at kreuzwerker.