Tanja Fußnegger

Office Management

Starting all over again.

Where should we start? Tanja loves her job - running the office, taking care of the crew, organizing - because every day she has so many different jobs. With so many different people. Or should we start with LA? Tanja once simply took off and went to Los Angeles to work. Without even having a place to live. Without batting an eye. Now she’s in Berlin and already dreaming about New York. Or start in The Shire?

She reads fantasy. She’s started reading over 200 books. And finished them all. But let’s start with her free time: She loves to travel. New cultures, new food, meeting new people. Most of all she would love to be able to stop time to have even more time for new beginnings.

Or should we start with the end: we wish that your new beginning with us will be as exciting as possible, so that your next beginning is a long way off.