Neha Kumari

Information Security Officer

Our definition of courage ...

Nia, short for Neha (yes, we are a very efficient company), is one of the beating hearts here at kreuzwerker. As our Information Security Officer, she’s not only up to date on the latest best practices in IT (or even before), but she’s also intimately involved with every department, team, and project. Security is simply in everything we do.

Four years ago, Nia, left her home, her previous life and her entire family behind to come work with us in Germany. Therefore, we’d like to take this opportunity (and we hope this is okay for you Nia) to say very clearly how grateful we are that you and all the other talents and personalities from all over the world are here with us. Because in order to do so, you’ve left a lot - often everything - behind and dived into a new world to create a new home among strangers. And we think that’s the ultimate courage.