Muharrem Yıldırım

Agile Coach

Whatever… workshop!

Let’s cut through this quickly. Muharrem loves creating stuff. He didn’t become a passionate expert on experience design and prototyping for nothing. He loves bringing technology and people together. Especially himself with woodworking tools. This is by far his biggest (current) obsession. Other obsessions such as ice cream and books on space and space travel are now on a beautiful display shelf. Because when Muharrem does something, he does it right. At the moment it’s books on wood carving and YouTube-Videos on master craft woodworking that inspire him most. And what fascinates him most is how the more you work with material, the more you develop a sense and understanding of it. He spends his „lazy days“ daydreaming about things to build, and then heading into a workshop and building them. That’s the spirit, Muharrem."

Really good at

  • UX Design
  • Agile Coaching
  • Product Ownership
  • Kanban
  • People Management
  • Lateral Leadership
  • Soft- and Hardware Developer
  • Backend Developer
  • Agile Delivery

Certified in

Certified Professional Scrum & UX
Certified Professional Scrum Master I
Professional Scrum Product Owner