Melinda Rosenstein

Financial Accountant

Melinda Rosenstein - a Netflix original.

Let’s imagine a parallel universe in which Sherlock Holmes is not English, rather South African. And not a detective, but an accountant. And his name is not Sherlock, but Melinda. Melinda Rosenstein loves order and strives to find better and faster ways to get things done. Her mind is a palace of lists and numbers and accounts. According to her husband, she is loud, annoying, and persistent. The best qualities, in other words, for bringing disorder into order.

Her unique story begins in South Africa where she was a debt collector. She came to Germany via Nigeria, finally making her way to us. She loves crossword puzzles, Scandinavian crime novels ⚠️ and 60s and 70s jazz. And she likes people who are on time. People who are late best bring coffee and/or chocolates. We recommend “and.” And now we’re definitely calling Netflix…

Really good at

  • Finance