Martin Hohenberg

IT Consultant

Everything. Will. Be. Different.

When you grow up in Frankfurt am Main, it’s obvious what you want to become: an air traffic controller. Or a pilot. Fortunately, everything turned out differently for Martin. Today, he mainly does Atlassian stuff, but deep down he is a developer and pragmatist and likes it when things function.

Martin likes to read. Everything. All subjects. Because that’s how you see connections and possibilities that might otherwise remain buried. Martin also does vacations a little differently. He once got himself dropped off in the Scottish Highlands without a map or cell phone.

He likes to binge on TV series. From the 60s. And he’s looking forward to the future. Specially to seeing which versions of the future don’t come true - and which ones no one saw coming. Martin knows: Don’t worry, it’s going to be very different from what you think anyway. Here’s to a cool can of Irn-Bru.

Really good at

  • Confluence Administration
  • DB-Management
  • eazyBI
  • Groovy
  • Jira Administration
  • Prozessmodellierung
  • Python
  • Scriptrunner
  • SQL

Certified in

Atlassian Certified JIRA Administrator (ACP-100)
Atlassian Certified in Managing Jira Cloud Projects (ACP-620)
C2 Proficiency (CPE)