Łukasz Madej

Senior Frontend Developer

Who needs the reverse gear?

In any case, not Lukasz. You can probably find his profile pic in the dictionary under „straightforward“. He always wanted to become a computer programmer and now he is one. Moving to Warsaw put his life on the fast track, and this is by no means metaphorical. Lukasz loves doing stuff that challenges him at work, and after work, doing stuff that he loves. And this is mostly car related. He races cars, he works on his old-timers or he goes off-roading in the nearby woods. Or snowboarding. He loves that too. Want to make him happy? Just buy him a car or take him snowboarding. Two other things that fascinate him are learning new things and encountering new challenges each day, oh and don’t forget Iceland. The latter because of the views and the peace.

Really good at

  • Angular
  • Backbone
  • CSS3
  • GraphQL
  • GIT
  • HTML5
  • Jasmine
  • JavaScript
  • JEST
  • Karma
  • node.js
  • React
  • REST
  • SASS
  • SQL
  • Typescript
  • Vue
  • Webpack

Certified in

SCRUM for Teams

Expert in

  • Cruise Solutions

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