Lo Voelsen

Marketing Channel Manager / Partner Manager

Who am I, and if Lo, how many?

Lo wanted to be a dancer. A writer. A film editor. She used to work in student bars when she was a student herself. And then there was the lamp shop. She was a paralegal and assistant at a refrigeration company during her semester breaks. Even cooler: she was a prompter in a theater. And part of an NDR TV news team. She also does accounting, and did PR for a performance art theater in Berlin. The woman who once ran her own company, has a Master’s degree in Literature and Philosophy. When Lo isn’t meeting up with friends to cook, chat and watch films, she loves to take pictures or knit. Or gamble. According to Lo, she spends far too much time playing computer games. The only thing Lo never wanted to do is marketing. Why that was the case and why she now does it for kreuzwerker; you better ask her yourself. Welcome to our marketing team Lo! We’re happy you’re here 😉

Really good at

  • Organizational Talent
  • Communication
  • Event Management
  • Solving Problems

Certified in

AWS Business Professional (DNU)
Atlassian Accredited Sales Professional
Atlassian Marketing Professional
AWS Business Professional (Digital) (German)
AWS TCO and Cloud Economics (Digital)
Atlassian Technical Sales Professional