Lisa Seidel-Kukuk

Office Manager

Lieschen plays the wallflower.

Lisa likes to do it all in theater arts. Directing, choreographing, coaching, performing, dancing - every expression that can be created by the body, and so on: Lisa can do it all. She has already shown off her talent at various theater festivals across Europe. Lisa is not only passionate about performing on stage, but also behind the scenes. Because you can not only do theater arts, you also have to manage it. And that’s exactly what she does at kreuzwerker. She loves to keep track of many things at the same time, to find structures in chaos and to meet exciting people. In her free time, she enjoys free-style dancing, singing, painting and nature. All in all, Lisa sounds like an incarnate paradise for children. And at least two of them are lucky enough to be her own.

Really good at

  • Office Admin

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  • Office Management