Leokadija Sviridova

Product Owner & Agile Coach

The Art of Agile!

In her free time, Leo is secretly working on her breakthrough as an artist. But she doesn’t really have to, being the virtuoso she is with post-its on flip charts. As an Agile Coach, she takes a witty and creative approach to helping organizations, companies, departments and teams become more flexible, faster and resilient in rapidly responding to ever changing market conditions and demands, new user insights, and delivering better products or services. Yes, Leo also loves long sentences. And water. In her free time, she loves to be outside and tries to be at, on and in the water as often as possible. Regardless of the season. If she does end up indoors, she’s probably watching Love Actually again or continues working on her breakthrough as an artist. We like to repeat ourselves. Leo, for us, you are already one.

Really good at

  • Agile Coaching
  • Agile Delivery
  • Agile Training & Mentoring
  • Kanban
  • Product Ownership
  • Project Management
  • Scrum

Certified in

Certified Scrum Master
Certified Professional Scrum Master I
Certified Scrum Product Owner
Certified Design Thinking Trainer
High Performance Team Coaching - Ericson Coaching Institute
Coaching education - Solution Focused Conversation & Systemic Constellations SySt®
Certified LeSS Practitioner
MasterClass Sustainability @GOODplace
BetaCodex MasterClass by Niels Pflaeging
Agile Transformation with BetaCodex
Strategyzer - the invincible company training