Jacek Kozal

Senior Android Developer

Staying mobile at all times…

As our senior software engineer (Android), Jacek just loves everything mobile. Especially creating awesome products and enjoying the responsibility he has for them. Besides creating awesome products, he learns everything that it takes to become a mobile lead engineer. To him, mobility is a mindset.

If you think an easy, small talk approach will work with him, forget about the weather, books, or movies. Ask him about his Android app with more than 100k active users at its peak. Or just bring up his greatest inspiration of all: his family.

His quest for mobility really gets going if it comes to traveling. Any kind of traveling. Really. He is basically looking for anything that will expand his world view. So, if he had a year off from work, he’d just be mobile and travel the world. Unfortunately, we would have a hard time letting him go. 😉

Really good at

  • Android Development
  • Flutter
  • Java
  • Kotlin