Ismael Jimoh

IT Consultant

The world is your oyster

We only know one other person who is more logical than Ismael, and he’s not human. Vulcan in fact. Ismael doesn’t consider himself much of a traveler, yet he saw half of the world before coming to us. And imagine it all began with Final Fantasy! The video game inspired him to leave home and study software engineering and game design in Malaysia. In the meantime he’s acquired a taste for travel and plans to see more of the world. Logical! He’ll begin where it all began: Nigeria, where there are over 50 completely different cultures to discover. Fascinating.

Really good at

  • Application integration
  • Atlassian tool Administration
  • Atlassian Suite Migration
  • Groovy
  • JavaScript
  • Process flow modelling
  • Troubleshooting Problems

Certified in

ITIL 3 Foundation
ITIL 4 Foundation
Atlassian Certified JIRA Administrator (ACP-100)
Atlassian Certified JIRA Service Desk Administrator (ACP-400)