Hannah Zachrich

Office Assistant

Van, right you are!

We’re happy that Hannah is here! But we’re also happy when she’s gone again. Might sound mean at first, but in Hannah’s case it’s really okay. Because then she will have fulfilled her biggest dream: to buy a van, renovate it and take it on the road. Let’s put it all together:

Hannah is spontaneous, adventurous and direct. She spends a lot of time in nature, plays guitar and has a dog. True to the motto, “If you start somewhere, you’ll end up somewhere.” She likes to travel on a shoestring budget, and her favorite book is Die geilste Lücke im Lebenslauf. You can’t get more ready for #vanlife than that. Seriously, if bedtime van stories existed, they would all be about Hannah and how she bought one.

But until that happens, dear Hannah, let’s make sure we at least always have some chocolate in the office.