Ernest Czarnecki

DevOps Engineer

The perfect trade.

Ernest loves analyzing. And we love Ernest’s analytical skills. As our DevOps Specialist, he enjoys working with all the latest technologies and learning all about what’s new at Atlassian. Mostly by monitoring, analyzing and creating. And because he is such a multitasker, you might even catch him doing all this at once.

Besides his analytical mindset, Ernest likes to share his experiences and create a great atmosphere with his colleagues. He loves learning by doing. Once he even deployed new applications on AWS with terraform without knowing the tools. Now he knows them.

If he’s not making us better, he might be off surfing, running, skiing or playing soccer with his friends. But his biggest passion right after traveling is and will always be trading and predicting prices. He does his own technical analyses and shares them with his audience on his trading channels. Ernest, for us, you’re the perfect trade.

Really good at

  • HTML5
  • XML
  • Bootstrap
  • Docker
  • HTTP
  • REST