David Fischer

Head of Communication

Thoughts. But only good ones.

David speaks German, English and Christian Streich. He is “badisch by nature” and pretty much the exact opposite of Fettes Brot. They are loud, and mostly acoustically. David, on the other hand, is the personification of peace and quiet – it is rumored that even fortresses have googled him for advice. And he’s very visual. That’s why he manages communications for all our offices from Zurich.

It’s his great passion to make things look good. Power tools, for example. Or the location campaign for Germany. And now also us (see here).

How David got into designing, well, that’s a never-ending story. A special collector’ edition, to be precise. His father used to read out of the book to him; in addition to his imagination, it awakened his love of good design. By the way, David is always pleased when someone brings along a bottle of white wine from Baden. In return, you’ll get a great conversation and wonderfully philosophical tips about what else you should read (see title).