Anton Klein

IT Consultant

The King of Achievement.

Winning the lottery, becoming president, buying Apple shares or even just founding Apple – imagine what you could do if time travel were possible! If it were up to Anton, he’d do what he’s done. Because, except for Japan, Anton is in the here and now; exactly where he wants to be.

He lives with his wife and two children in a house with a car and a small patch of green. And Anton doesn’t want that to change that one iota. Oh, and he works for us, so maybe that counts as well. And we wouldn’t want anything about that to change in the least.

Anton shows us every day what enthusiasm is and that having a perfect life is really a matter of attitude. The only thing Anton still has on his bucket list is to open an 24/7 convenience store in Japan. And as a child, he wanted to be a dentist. So, it seems everyone has a dark past. Even Anton.

Really good at

  • Advanced Roadmaps
  • Automation for Jira
  • BigPicture
  • Confluence
  • eazyBI
  • Jira
  • Training
  • Report Builder
  • Xporter

Certified in