Andreas Profous

Principal IT Consultant

Knows where it's at.

Andreas’ career has always been… preprogrammed. As a child he was fascinated by numbers and computers. “Once upon a number” was one of his favorite books and sometimes you hear him saying things like “My C ++ has been a bit rusty lately.” By the way, before Andreas was with us, he programmed routing algorithms for TomTom. So he knows where to go and it shows in his job, and as well as in all the lively discussions he likes to have. Give it a try - favorite topics: Software Engineering (Obviously!), Australia and the complex set of rules and regulations of Magic the Gathering. In any case, Andreas enjoys playful competition - poker, squash, game evenings with friends. He spent a lot of time doing that, today, however, his free time is almost completely dedicated to his two charming daughters.

Really good at

  • Python / Django
  • IT Project Management
  • Software Architecture
  • AWS
  • Redis
  • PostgreSQL
  • Ruby / Rails
  • GraphQL

Certified in

AWS Solutions Architect Associate
Certified Scrum Master